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Wasa Rawalpindi Bill Online July 2024 -Check Duplicate Wasa Rawalpindi Bill

واٹر اینڈ سیورج اتھارٹی راولپنڈی کے بل کو چیک کرنے کے لئے، آپ اپنا ریفرنس نمبر درج کریں۔

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In this comprehensive guide for 2024, we will provide you with all the relevant information about the WASA Rawalpindi bill in Pakistan, including how to get a WASA duplicate bill. From understanding what WASA is to knowing how to pay the bill online and how to apply for a WASA duplicate bill in Lahore, we have got you covered. So let’s dive in!

Wasa RawalPindi Bill Check

1. What is WASA?

WASA stands for Water and Sanitation Agency, which is responsible for providing clean water and effective sanitation services in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It ensures the provision of safe and clean drinking water to the residents of Lahore while maintaining the sewerage system.

2. How to Access July WASA Rawalpindi Bill Online

To access your WASA Rawalpindi bill online and how to obtain a WASA Rawalpindi duplicate bill., follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of WASA Rawalpindi.

  2. Look for the

  3. Enter your consumer number or connection ID.

  4. Verify your details, including your account number and CNIC, and click on the

  5. Your bill will be displayed on the screen, which you can either view or download.

3. Understanding Your July WASA Bill

Your WASA Rawalpindi bill provides essential information related to your water and sanitation charges. Here are some key points to understand:

  • Consumer Information: Your name, address, and connection details will be mentioned on the bill.
  • Billing Period: The duration for which the bill is generated will be clearly indicated.
  • Meter Reading: The meter reading measures your water consumption during the billing period, crucial for calculating your WASA duplicate bill. Always check WASA duplicate bill online to ensure accuracy.
  • Tariff Rates: The cost per unit of water consumed and additional charges will be specified.
  • Total Amount Due: The total amount you need to pay, including any outstanding dues and the option to use the Jazz Cash app as a payment method.

4. Payment Options for WASA Rawalpindi Bill

WASA Rawalpindi offers various convenient ways to pay your bill: including bill payment through WASA online services.

  • Online Payment: Pay your bill through the official website using online banking or credit/debit cards. This method aligns with the hassle-free process of online billing.
  • Bank Collection Points: Visit designated banks in Punjab to make cash payments or inquire about other payment methods like the Jazz Cash app. Don’t forget you can also complete your bill payment online.
  • Mobile Banking Apps: Use mobile banking apps to pay your bill from the comfort of your home.

WASA Rawalpindi Bill: You can receive your bill through:

    • Mobile App: Download the “WASA Rawalpindi” app from the Google Play Store.
    • Physical Bill: Check your mailbox for a physical copy.
    • WASA Office: Visit your nearest WASA Rawalpindi office to inquire about your bill.
  • WASA Rawalpindi Contact Number:
    • Phone: 051-5555489-93
    • Helpline: 1334
  • WASA Duplicate Bill Rawalpindi: Obtain a duplicate bill by visiting your nearest WASA Rawalpindi office.
Areas served by WASA Rawalpindi
1. Rawalpindi Cantt
2. Chaklala
3. Westridge
4. Satellite Town
5. Sadiqabad
6. Committee Chowk
7. Adiala Road
8. Dhoke Munshi
9. Gulzar-e-Quaid
10. Airport Housing Society

Complaint Center with Phone Numbers

  • Liaquat Bagh

    • Water Tanker: 051-5555489
    • Water Supply: 051-5551534
  • Satellite Town

    • Water Supply: 051-9290497
    • Sewerage: 051-9290494
    • Billing Related: 051-4429192
  • Khayaban-e-Sirsyed

    • Water Tanker: 051-4834733
    • Water Supply: 051-4834733
    • Sewerage: 051-4834733
    • Billing Related: 051-4834733
  • White Tanki

    • Water Tanker: 051-9290491
  • Shamsabad

    • Water Supply: 051-2372122
  • Moti Mahal

    • Sewerage: 051-9280008
  • Gulzar-e-Quaid

    • Water Supply: 051-5955962
  • Bagh Sardaran

    • Sewerage: 051-5538548
  • PP6 Area No contact information available for this area.

WASA in Other Cities:

  • WASA Bill Online Faisalabad:
    • Information on online bill checking and other services may differ for WASA Faisalabad.
    • Search for “WASA Faisalabad” online for specific details.
  • WASA Bill Online Payment:
    • While not available in Rawalpindi, some WASA departments in other cities may offer online payment options.
    • Check with your local WASA department for details.

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Q: How can I check my WASA Rawalpindi duplicate bill online?

A: To check your WASA Rawalpindi duplicate bill online, visit the official website of WASA Rawalpindi and go to the bill inquiry section. Enter your account number to retrieve your duplicate bill.

Q: What are the methods to pay my WASA Rawalpindi bill online?

A: You can pay your WASA Rawalpindi bill online through various methods such as online banking, mobile banking apps, ATMs, and through the official website of WASA Rawalpindi.

Q: How can I get a new connection from WASA Rawalpindi?

A: To get a new connection from WASA Rawalpindi, you need to visit the WASA office in Rawalpindi and submit a formal application along with the required documents and fee.

Q: When is the due date for WASA Rawalpindi bill payment?

A: The due date for WASA Rawalpindi bill payment is usually mentioned on the bill itself. It is important to ensure timely payment to avoid any late fees or disconnection of services.

Q: How can I contact the complaint center of WASA Rawalpindi?

There isn’t currently an online complaint registration system directly on the WASA Rawalpindi website. However, there are a few ways you can register a complaint with WASA Rawalpindi:

1. Phone:

  • The primary method seems to be by calling their single window complaint number: 1334 (available 24/7).

2. SMS/Whatsapp:

  • You can also register your complaint by sending a text message or Whatsapp message to their dedicated number: 0332-5257065.

3. Visit WASA Rawalpindi Office:

  • In person, you can visit the WASA Rawalpindi Head Office or any of the sub-divisional offices to register your complaint.

4. Chief Minister Complaint Cell (Optional):

  • If you’re not satisfied with WASA Rawalpindi’s response, you can consider registering a complaint with the Chief Minister Complaint Cell of Punjab. However, this should be a last resort after trying the official WASA channels first.

Here are some resources that might be helpful:

  • While WASA Rawalpindi doesn’t have a dedicated online complaint registration system, there is a website for the Water and Sanitation Agency Lahore (https://wasa.punjab.gov.pk/). This website might offer some general information or contact details that could be helpful.
  • You can also search online for news articles or press releases from WASA Rawalpindi that might mention their latest complaint registration procedures.

Q: Can I dispute my WASA bill if I find any discrepancies? 

A: Yes, you can contact the helpline mentioned on the bill to resolve any billing issues.

Q: What happens if I fail to pay my bill on time? 

A: Late payment may result in additional charges or water supply disconnection; consider setting up SMS alerts for your account to avoid this. You can also utilize online billing services to pay the bill promptly. It is advisable to pay your bill promptly.

Q: Can I apply for a new water connection and check WASA duplicate bill through the WASA website? 

A: Yes, you can find relevant information, application forms, and details on obtaining a WASA duplicate bill on the official website. This includes the option for bill payment and to check WASA duplicate bill.

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